What do you need to bake 108 cupcakes for a wedding without being a pro: first of all a super relaxed bride, two helping maids of honor, some planning, a good time & a little patience and faith all will work out. And at the end finding out 108 is considered a sacred number! ❤

Since I always prepare some sweets when I have friends over at my house – Patrizia, a good friend of mine asked me to bake some cupcakes for her and Rodney’s wedding. We met and discussed the project, and I found myself agreeing to make 108 cupcakes for their special day.

The wedding presented me with a few challenges – first of all, the time management (Patricia and I organized babysitters for our kids – grandparents & daddy’s are the best), planning, logistic, transportation, cooling, recipe and last but not least the frosting. We had to do everything two days prior the big event and a creamy topping was not an option, so we decided to make some white icing with a cute little stamp on it which says “Schön, dass ihr da seid!” with their initials P&R and a heart symbol. Super sweet! Patrizia ordered those stamps here.

A few weeks ago we made a tasting and baked in normal white muffin forms, the dough sucks all the liquid and you don’t see the color of the tin any more, so we decided to bake them in white muffin tins, let them cool and then peel off the tins and add purple ones – the main color of their wedding.

This was my first wedding project and it was a big one – and it was an amazing day! Patrizia, the beautiful bride and I met around 10 a.m. and set down talked, talked us through how we are going to do all things and then we got started – it was so easy and relaxed, if I wasn’t there myself I wouldn’t believe it. Patrizia brings always so much calm into everything – I think she is one of the most relaxed people I know. Staying organized and planning ahead was the key and saved us a lot of time. Patrizia started preparing everything for the packaging and I started my big baking project – I always prepared the dough for 24 Muffins, I also borrowed a second Muffin tin from a friend. I always baked in batches – one tin after the other. My kitchen tool: a hand mixer and it really worked out well but one day I will have my own kitchen aid.

In the afternoon the bridesmaids Anna & Sabine came and helped us wrap up the finished cupcakes. Don’t underestimate this step – it takes a lot of preparation and time but we were a perfect team and soon we found ourself in the garden with a glas of sparkling wine in our hands to celebrate our finished wedding cupcakes.

After counting 108 finished cupcakes, Anna told us it’s a lucky number in different religions – nosy as I am I had to look it up in the internet and the number 108 is considered sacred in many Eastern religions and traditions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. One of the nicest things I found is that in Japan, at the end of the year, a bell is chimed 108 times in Buddhist temples to finish the old year and welcome the new one. According to this occasion it’s like welcoming a new chapter of your life as a married couple – a family. I think this was a sign for a wonderful and great start into a new chapter in their lives.

Patrizia & Rodney

Die Zwei


Shopping list for 108 wedding cupcakes


As I mentioned earlier I always baked 12 after 12 cupcakes – as I removed one batch, I already had the next one staged to go right in the oven. Therefore and to safe time I prepared the dough four times for 24 cupcakes and one time for 12 cupcakes.




  • About an hour before you get started put the butter out of the fridge so it can warm up to room temperature. You can also start peeling and grating the apples and add some fresh pressed lemon juice on top.
  • Preheat the oven to 220°C. Line two 12 hole muffin tins with white paper cupcake cases.
  • Mix the butter together with the sugar, then add the flour with baking powder and the eggs and beat the dough until light and creamy. Using a fork mix the grated apples with lemon juice underneath.
  • Devise the dough evenly between the paper cases using a tablespoon – start with one spoon for every tin and then fill. After you finished one tin with the dough you can put it in the oven and bake for about 12 minutes and make the test: insert a toothpick in the center, when it comes out clean you can take them out to cool.
  • When finished take it out and add the other batch and bake for another 12 minutes.
  • Then start doing the next dough for the next 24 muffins and continue this whole procedure as long as you like and as much muffins or cupcakes you’ll need.
  • We did it about 4 times with the dough for 24 and 1 time for 12.


  • Now you can get started with the fondant for the decoration. Roll out the white icing and stamp first and then cut them out, using a cookie cutter and place them directly onto your cooled muffin. Buy a already rolled out white icing this saves up a lot of time.


Patrizia, the amazing bride and I made some tests before and decided on what we’ll all need – so we made a cupcake sample including the packaging; cellophane roll, bands and a nice label tag with a different motif stamps such as cupcakes, hearts or for you quotes.

While I was in the kitchen she started preparing everything:

  • Label Punch: Take the paper and punch out your labels. Take a ale or a thick needle and make a hole so the bands to wrap fit through.
  • Stamps & silver ink pad: Stamp all your labels.
  • Bands: Cut all the bands in the size you’ll need them (we used about 30cm) and thread the ribbon through the label.
  • Cellophane roll: Cut out the size what was needed for one cupcake.


Getting ready for piecework, four ladies doing the packaging and having a purple sparkling wine for celebration – we finally did it!


The little wedding helpers



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