eat what you love

Beetroot Chips

Homemade beetroot chips are really easy to make and they are so healthy and delicious! If you like the sweet and earthy taste of beetroots you’ll love this – maximum flavor & minimum fuss. (more…)

Oriental spiced vegetable soup

Millions of colorful herbs and spices are offered at oriental markets – it’s so wonderful passing by and inhale the exotic fragrances and buy things you never ever heard of. I used to travel a lot and got the chance to see many different markets and I loved to watch the hustle and bustle. (more…)


Long story short: Chanterelle Goulash is a traditional Austrian dish which is mostly served during the summer month until September. This year the harvest of the chanterelles has been a little delayed through the wonderful and hot summer: but now they are here! (more…)


Do you eat fruits and vegetables five times a day as it was always taught by our parents? No – me neither! So why not putting at least a few in a healthy & fruity salad?


Too hot to turn on the oven? Give the sweet RAW & VEGAN lifestyle a try this summer! Once a week I started to integrate sweet little desserts & I love it! ❤ (more…)