made with love

Beetroot Chips

Homemade beetroot chips are really easy to make and they are so healthy and delicious! If you like the sweet and earthy taste of beetroots you’ll love this – maximum flavor & minimum fuss. (more…)

Gingerbread Muffins

Hohoho – there is nothing better to bring the magic of Christmas to your house than baking gingerbread muffins – the ginger and cinnamon scent spreads slowly around and fills the whole house with warmth.  (more…)

Holiday Cranberry Balls

Do you already know what kind of cookies you leave out for Santa? This year I will serve Santa my no bake Holiday Cranberry Balls, resulting from experimenting with some new vegan ideas. ❤ (more…)

Oriental spiced vegetable soup

Millions of colorful herbs and spices are offered at oriental markets – it’s so wonderful passing by and inhale the exotic fragrances and buy things you never ever heard of. I used to travel a lot and got the chance to see many different markets and I loved to watch the hustle and bustle. (more…)


Autumn has started with all its glory, from wonderful lighting scenes in forests and parks to refreshing air in the morning and warm temperatures at noon. What can be better than a pumpkin carrot soup which is enriched with flavors and vitamins to keep you healthy? (more…)